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LED Growing Lights

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LED growing lights, make plant growing day and night

Plants need sunlight to grow more lush, light environment is indispensable to plant growth and development of important physical environmental factors. people grow plants can only rely on natural sunlight before, the year sunlight less time, plant growth inevitably bad, but now science and technology to make this situation gradually

Modern technology allows plants to better growth in the sun, people grasp the principle of inherent principle of plants need sun, according to the plant to use sunlight for photosynthesis, created to allow the plant to complete the process of photosynthesis light source - - led growing lights.

Plant photosynthesis light wavelength around 400-700nm, 400-500nm (blue) and 610-720nm(red) light for photosynthesis contribution. Therefore, led growing lights are generally a combination of two colors. led growing lights as a supplementary light, at any time of day can enhance the light, always helping plants carry out photosynthesis;
the same time, in the greenhouse or plant laboratory, can completely replace the natural light to promote plant growth.

With the development of agriculture in recent years, as well as extreme weather and global sunshine to reduce,  led growing lights have become increasingly widespread attention by all countries, plant lighting is a growing market, the Japanese market in the progress of plant lighting, technically at the forefront , Japan has been estimated that the plant with the LED lighting market value could reach 300 billion
yen a year (among the LED component market size of about 400 million) in 2020, output value of whole plants bred point of view 3 trillion yen, the growth of the force should not be underestimated.

Traditional plant lighting in the market to gain a firm foothold, led growing lights strong invaded the market, Chinese manufacturers need to be resolved before the plants need the technical problems of the wavelength of the light, in order to better meet this opportunity to come.

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