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Nine Advantages of Flexible LED Strips

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Nine Advantages of flexible led strips

1. Pure color: flexible led strips uses high brightness SMD LED as light emitting devices, hence, have the advantages of LED light emitting devices. it is Pure, soft, light color, no glare. Both can be used as decorative purposes, they can cater to lighting purposes.

2. The softness: flexible led strips is very soft and the FPC substrate can be bent without breaking, easy to mold, suitable for together a variety of advertising modeling needs.

3. The low heat: flexible led strips emitting element is the LED, single LED at low power, usually 0.04 ~ 0.08W, This heat is not high. Can be used as decorative lighting in the aquarium, without generating a lot of heat caused by the raw water temperature, affecting ornamental fish.

4. Ultra energy-saving: flexible led strips SMD3528 of the power is only 4.8W per meter(60LEDs), the 5050 LED soft lights per meter power 7.2W(30leds), relative to the transfer The system of lighting and decorative lighting, low power several times, but the effect is much better.

5. Composed of environmental protection: LED soft lights, the LED or the FPC, the materials are used in environmental protection material, belong to recyclable to use, not because of the extensive use of environmental pollution and destruction.

6. Security: flexible led strips with low voltage DC 12V supply voltage, so it is very safe to use. Regardless of the elderly, children Can be used safely without causing a safety hazard.

7. Simple installation: LED soft lights installation is very easy with the clip, the groove, wire, iron nets can be installed in a variety of bearing surface. In addition, flexible led strips is thin, and therefore, the use of double sided tape can also be a fixed function. Without professional people can be installed, can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration.

8. Long life: the normal life of flexible led strips is 50,000 hours, work 24 hours a day, its life is almost six years. Therefore, the life of the flexible led strips is several times more than traditional lighting.

9. Wide range of applications: because flexible led strips is soft, thin, pure color and other characteristics, it is widely used in building body contour, stages, booths, bridges, hotels, KTV decorative lighting, as well as advertising signs, production, various large-scale animation, calligraphy and painting, dvertising design, etc. and Flexible LED technology is mature now, its scope of application will be more

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