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Flexible LED Strips Market Analysis

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Flexible led strips market analysis

flexible led strips market analysis

The rapid development of LED industry, flexible led strips is an important part in the LED application products, with the development of LED industry, flexible led strips hair Exhibition of the situation is getting better, production and sales of LED light bars enterprise is constantly increasing. LED lights industry has become a new industry Growth point has been vigorously promote the state and enterprises.

2006 onwards, flexible led strips market began LED lamp as the use of light. This makes the LED lights than not only has the light bar shaping£¬The advantages of both the energy-saving, pollution-free, long life, high efficiency wide range of features, just power-saving one, LED light strip than the S & P Lights products save about 80 per cent of consumption.
At present, the manufacturing of high quality flexible led strips are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and other places, there are about more than 100 production companies to China Commercial enterprises based. With the gradual recognition of the domestic market as well as the improvement of the energy saving effect, flexible led strips gradually into peoples Vision, into the different areas of business and personal home market.

By the national energy saving and environmental protection policy is vigorously promoting, stimulating domestic demand and other factors can be predicted that flexible led strips market still has three to five years Of rapid development. LED lights enterprises should seize the opportunity to improve product technology and product quality, flexible led strips products to more high-end Market.

The quality of the flexible led strips depends on the attitude of the manufacturer-owned equipment. To produce high quality LED light bar must be perfect tube Management methods to ensure reliable incoming inspection process, every aspect of the steps will affect the performance and stability of the LED lights, workshop-style Manual welding of packaging out of the soft light strip is not in anti-static workshop with precision LED placement machine and clean packing out product Quality flexible led strips in the same category.

Flexible led strips is mainly used in outdoor lighting, interior decoration, entertainment, and some industrial equipment, automotive and other contour edge of the decorative part Lighting, along with the growing maturity of the LED chip technology, flexible led strips color change is becoming richer, higher brightness and longer life, which is LED lights in the outdoor, indoor decorative lighting markets outstanding performance planted a hint.

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