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LED Downlights FAQs

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Q1:  Which LED is a direct replacement for a 50 Watt Halogen downlight?

A:  Although LED lighting cannot really be directly compared to a 50W halogen, the amount of light equivalent to a 50W halogen can be found in a 6 Watt Downlight Bulb.  Why not convert your MR16 fitting to 240V GU10 for energy savings and better LED longevity.

Q2:  Why are my LED MR16 downlights flickering on my 12V downlight transformers?

A:  Its true, some LEDs flicker when used with some transformers because LEDs are very sensitive to power supply.  Transformers are designed to deliver higher power to run halogens which is too high for the lower drawing LEDs. 

Q3:  Why should I get rid of my transformers when I change over to LED downlights?

A:  In converting 240V to 12V, transformers can draw up to 9% more power than the downlight alone.  Transformers only last approximately 3 years, consume more power, generate high heat and arent very good at controlling power flow, making them generally unsuitable for use with LED downlights. 

Q4:  Are LEDs dimmable?  Do they need a particular type of dimmer?

A:  Any LED light labelled as dimmable can be used in a standard household dimmer - ie "Leading Edge" (variable resistor) Dimmers.

Q5:  Do LED downlights produce as much light as my halogen downlights?

A:  LED downlights can not only produce as much light as 50W halogen downlights, they can produce better light.  The amount of light (lux) produced by both types of lights depends greatly on the positioning of the fittings and the height at which the light is required.

Q6:  Are LED lights available as warm light?

A:  LED lights can be manufactured in any colour temperature (as expressed as degrees kelvin).  We chooses to design and promote LED lights utilising "Pure White" light.  Based on the science of lighting and its effect on health, we believe this colour temperature range to be the most logical choice. 

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