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Energy Saving Light Bulbs Facts

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  • Overview

    Energy saving light bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent lamps, are a popular alternative to incandescent bulbs. Peter Cooper Hewitt invented fluorescent bulbs late in the nineteenth century, but it wasnt until 1938 that a version of the bulb hit the market. The modern version of the compact fluorescent lamp was created in 1970.
  • How They Work

    The lamps are made of gas-filled glass tubes. The gas combines with electrical current and a phosphorescent coating inside the tube. This reaction creates light.
  • Power Sources

    Compact fluorescent lamp can operate on either AC or DC power.
  • Benefits

    A compact fluorescent lamp can save $30 in electricity over the life of the lamp.
  • Longer Life

    The lifespan of a compact fluorescent lamp is up to 15,000 hours; incandescent bulbs generally last 1,000 hours.
  • Environmental Concerns

    The disposal of compact fluorescent lamps is difficult and requires them to be sent to special recycling facilities because the lamps contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal.
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