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The Advantages of LED Panel Lights

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With the development of science and technology, LED panel lights also made further progress, the application of which makes it a wider range of users growing. The LED panel lights so welcomed by consumers, the main four reasons:

First, the LED panel light sensitivity better.

Lighting the traditional emphasis on the illuminated or color, a long time is easy to feel tired, and the LED panel lighting is more inclined to modulation of the soft light and close to natural light, protect eyesight, make people feel comfortable.

Second, long life.

As a family the most basic lighting, people in the choice of lamps will certainly consider their longevity LED panel lamp life five times longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs, LED panel lamp life is up to 50,000 hours.

Third, the LED panel lamp manufacturers are small and convenient.

Compared with ordinary lamps, LED panel lights, more small and thin, not only can be embedded in the ceiling for installation, but also hanging installation, lighting effects, is also very convenient to use.

Fourth, the LED panel lighting efficiency.

LED panel lighting using LED as light source, LED cold light, its more energy into light energy lighting, rather than exist as heat, so its very high photoelectric conversion efficiency, with the same volume size lamp luminous efficiency than the traditional lamp five times higher.

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