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Recessed Light Fixtures and the Use

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Recessed lighting was originally something that was more associated with offices. Homes are not where you would have expected to find recessed lighting, and this is not due to any defect in them, just that it has been associated with offices that most people tend to overlook recessed lighting fixtures when thinking of lighting for their homes. This, however, has changed so we will explore the different places where you can use recessed lighting in your home.

Recessed lighting is very good in places where you need bright, general lighting. Places like the bathroom and the kitchen are therefore a very good place for them. Plus they are installed in the ceiling which means that they do not take up any space on the walls. These days with the size of the rooms getting smaller and smaller, this is a big thing.

Recessed lights like pot lights are very good in places like corridors and entryways once again for the same reason. The pot light spacing is very important here because of the impression it will give. Even a small foyer will appear very long if you reduce the spacing between them. Of course you will have to play around with the wattage/voltage of the bulbs so that you don’t get a very brightly lit room.

Installing a dimmer switch works very well with recessed lighting. Of course they work even with other lighting fixtures but with recessed lighting fixtures, the dimmer switch becomes doubly effective. Installing a dimmer switch means that you can dim down the light to the level you want, while still having the number of recessed lighting fixtures you need. A good example would be ankle height recessed lights that are dimmed down so that you can reduce the spacing between them. This gives the room a sense of spaciousness because the appearance of so many lights makes it look much bigger than it is.

You can also go in for low voltage recessed lights for the same reason if you feel that you don’t need to dim down or increase the level of light. The low voltage ones may be a good idea in a corridor, but not for recessed lighting placement kitchen lights.

There are a number of other things that you can do with recessed lights, and it is basically up to your imagination how you can use them. They are very versatile, and if you want some pointers, just look up a few images on the net.


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