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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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What is commercial outdoor lighting?

When most of us think of lighting; we think of lighting our homes…inside and outside…with decorative, cost and energy efficient lighting. Although there is a world of lighting outside our homes, most of us fail to realize it. Take a step outside your home and you will find that your roads are flooded with light, parking lots are well lit and even your sidewalks are well lit. Without these lights our world will be filled with darkness, with no one feeling secure and crime rates will be on the rise, for that is how important commercial outdoor lighting is. Let’s understand what commercial lighting is and where you can get your lights for cheap.

What is commercial lighting?

Commercial lights are any lights that are used for purposes other than residential such as roads, highways, business establishments, hospitals, factories and parking lots. Commercial lighting is broadly classified into commercial outdoor lighting and indoor commercial lights.

Outdoor commercial lighting

These are lights that are used for illumination outside businesses, industries, hospitals and other non-residential areas. Commercial lighting fixtures that are used for outdoor lighting include those that are used on streets as street lights, as lighting for roads and highways, for billboards, parking lots, malls, outside school, college and business areas. These lights are extremely durable and capable of withstanding harsh environments including storms and heavy wind.

Indoor commercial lighting

Indoor commercial light fixtures are lights that are used inside non-residential buildings such as schools, hospitals, universities, businesses and malls.  They also include lighting for operating theaters and assembly lines. This is why this type of lighting needs to be extremely efficient as without it, production can come to a standstill.

Commercial lighting is especially available with those who specialize in manufacturing and selling lights for commercial purposes. These lights are usually extremely energy and cost efficient as they cater to industrial standards and most wholesalers offer discounts as the quantities purchased are often in bulk. Be sure to check your options online as a lot of online retailers do offer discounts that will guarantee you a good deal.


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