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Industrial Lighting Fixtures

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What is industrial lighting?

Very simply put Industrial lighting is lighting that is meant for industrial purposes. Lighting for anything other than residential use can be considered industrial, including commercial lighting purposes. Industrial lighting fixtures are broadly classified into two main types, one is lighting for indoor purposes and the other is outdoor lighting purposes. When it comes to industrial lighting, quality and durability of the product is of primary importance as lack of light can cause a lot of safety issues. While although looks play a part, they take a backseat to functionality as at the end of the day, no one wants a light that does not work efficiently.?

Outdoor industrial lighting

When it comes to industrial lighting, outdoor lighting needs to be extremely durable. They need to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions in order to provide safe working environments. Outdoor industrial lighting fixtures can be broadly listed as street lighting, lighting for parking lots, and lighting for the outdoor areas of factories, industries, school premises, outside hospitals, highway lighting, and lighting in public entertainment areas like parks, amusement parks and even sport stadiums.

Indoor industrial lighting

Indoor industrial lighting can sometimes be more important than outdoor lighting especially in hospitals and assembly lines, where lack of light can cause some very serious problems. For this reason, lighting for the interiors of industries needs to be efficient and durable. You don’t want to be replacing lamps any more than necessary.  Some of the places where indoor industrial lighting is used are school classrooms, school corridors and stairways, inside colleges, hospital rooms, movie halls, indoor swimming pools and gyms, elevators in most residential buildings, inside factory assembly lines, inside warehouses and storage hubs and also hotel buildings.

Standards expected in industrial lighting fixtures

The standards of lighting for industries are set at a slightly higher level than those of residential lighting fixtures. In most homes, replacing a light that goes out is a minor inconvenience; however in large scale assembly lines, quarries and hospitals, lack of light can mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, you will find that industrial lighting, though more expensive when compared to residential lights are usually more efficient, longer lasting and tough enough to withstand harsh environments.


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