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Automotive Application With LEDs

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LEDs, the choice for interior automotive lighting. As the demand and complexity for electronics in automotive applications increases, so to does the need for more efficient methods of operation. This is especially true for lighting. LEDs have been the choice for interior automotive lighting for years. Recently, with the many improvements in technology, LEDs are also being designed into exterior applications. Although primarily used in CHMSLs (Center High Mount Stop Lamps) and rear signal lamps, LEDs continue to gain ground in additional exterior application as the lumen output (brightness) and thermal management properties continue to improve.

LEDs offer many advantages over traditional incandescent type lighting including:
Faster turn-on times than incandescent bulbs. This increases the time and distance available to the motorist resulting in less rear-end collisions (the second most frequent type of automotive accident).
Increased efficiency and less power consumption than incandescent bulbs.
Vibration and shock resistant unlike incandescent with glass and filaments that break.

Automotive Applications:
Interior Lighting - Instrument Panels & Switches, Courtesy Lighting
Exterior Lighting - CHMSL, Rear Stop/Turn/Tail
Truck/Bus Lighting - Retrofits, New Turn/Tail/Marker Lights

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