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Illumination With LEDs

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With the recent advent of White LEDs as well as advancements in ultra bright InGaAlP and GaN technologies, LEDs have begun to replace conventional type lighting in a variety of illumination applications. LEDs not only consume far less electricity than traditional forms of illumination, resulting in reduced energy costs, but require less maintenance and repair. Studies have shown that the use of LEDs in illumination applications can offer:

Greater visual appeal
Reduced energy costs
Increased attention capture
Savings in maintenance and lighting replacements
As White LEDs technology continues to improve, the use of LEDs for general illumination applications is gaining more ground in the industry every day.

Examples Of Lighting with LEDs:
Architectural Lighting
Signage (Channel Letters)
Machine Vision
Retail Displays Emergency Lighting (Exit Signs)
Neon Replacement
Bulb Replacements
Flashlights Outdoor Accent Lighting - Pathway, Marker Lights

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