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LED Tree Lights Information

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1. LED tree lights

LED  tree lights is new fashion artificial imitate landscaping tree lights,  it is environmentally friendly, long-lived, beautiful.  The trunk and leaves are made of imitate materials, light sources are LED lights, abroad using decoration plaza, garden, courtyard, entertainment square, hall, lobby, saloon. its specialy energy saving and long-lived improved the short of tradition landscaping lights. It is a big innovation of decoration lights.

2. Price of  LED tree lights.

The prices of LED cherry tree lights depend on the height, the diameter of the tree , the leaves and LED lights quantity. also , they depend on the color of the LED lights, the cheapest is red and yellow, then blue, then white, green, then pink.  The size of LED tree should be planned bases the circumstance.  Now, in general , we use 600cm to 350cm indoor and 350cm to 800cm outdoor. or customized.

3. Material of LED tree lights

The trunk of tree is steel Pipe, the branch is steel pipe or steel bar, outside wrap artificial imitate trunk bark. All are high rigidity , anti-aging environmentally friendly material. leaves are soft , anti-aging material, Light source is LED lights, made for waterproof, low voltage , energy saving and long-lived.

4. Voltage of LED tree lights

There is a 220V or 110V input and 24V output transformer go with every tree,  the practice voltage of LED lights is 24V.  the transformer all passed CE or UL or GS certification.  24V low voltage is safety voltage.

5. Installation of LED cherry tree lights.
The leaves and LED lights fixed on the branches.  users just fix them with their connection slot. and connecting the power wire plugs with connection-pegs, firmly and easy installation.

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