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Advantages and Applications of LED Light Panel

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A. Main advantages of LED light panel:

1. Energy saving about 70%;
2. Long life spane more than 5 years;
3. No infrared rays, no ultraviolet radiation, no thermal effect;
4. Ultra slim and unlimited design and various dimensions are available;
5. Soft and wide light emitting;
6. Special circuit design, avoided the single broken LED influence problem;
7. High efficiency constant current drive system, with heat protection system, can work under unstable voltage;
8. Instant start, no flickering, no humming, no RF interference.

B. Main applications of LED light panel:

1. Hotels
2. Hospitals
3. School / colleges / universities
4. Conference / meeting rooms
5. Residential / institution buildings
6. Factories /  offices
7. Commercial complexes

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