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Advantages and Issues with LED Light Bulbs

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LED light bulbs  are becoming more and more popular with the latest inventions in the technology, and many households are replacing older technologies with this long lasting, energy-saving lighting solution. Though the price of these bulbs is higher compared to other light bulbs, the investment into them is returned within a one or two years, while they can last even 10 years with regular use.

LED light bulbs have numerous advantages, which promise more than long lifespan. One of these is their high efficiency and the low energy consumption that derives from it. Light emitting diodes (LED) convert 90% of energy into light - compared to the 5% conversion rate of halogen lights this is extremely high. With this efficiency LEDs consume 90% less energy compared to halogen lights, and even 40% less than a regular compact light. Rates are similar with lifespan too. LED lights can come with  lifespan from 25 000 hours even up to 100 000, depending on the solution and the make. This is roughly three times longer than a regular fluorescents lifespan, even if we calculate with the minimum hours of lifespan. Further prosfor LEDs are their extremely wide range of colours, light intensity or beam angles. This means that we have the luxury of wide range of solutions, and picking the best one for us. Yet for the same reason of wide range of solutions, there area couple of things we need to pay attention to when buying LED light bulbs.

The majority of applications in households are operated at mains, so even though LEDs are available for low voltage systems too, so we will discuss the main features of LED light bulbsfor mains here, including details we need to check before we use one. The most important detail about LEDs for mains is that they come with the regular fittings used with previous lighting technologies. Many people are afraid that switching for LEDs means major changes in their lighting. Well, not if you usel ights with fittings like GU10, B22 or E27 and E14, which are all mains operated and need a simple bulb change like with any other light.

Another advantage of LED light bulbs compared to fluorescents is that they light up instantly, so no matter how many times you switch them on or off, it will not effect their lifespan(dimming of LEDs are done with on-off function at a very high frequency invisible to the eye). LED lights are insensitive to cold temperatures too, so if you use a light bulb on the porch for instance, their operation will be no different than inside: they will turn on with full brightness instantly. Light emitted by LEDs can be directional as well as diffused, so you can find the right solutions for you regardless of your needs. Spotlights with narrow beamangles are ideal for reading for instance, or illuminating a work of art in your home. While diffused light is what you need in a cabinet on the otherhand. Visible flicker - often experienced with compact lights - does not appear with LEDs. This also makes it a healthier solution than other energy-saving lights.

There are a couple of things you should pay attention to when you buy LEDs. Light bulbs used outdoors need housing with high IP ratings, which will protect the light bulbs from the humid air or direct contact with water. If your LED light bulbs contain LEDs uncovered, touch them as few times as possible, because human grease stuck on LEDs will draw dust to it and lose some of its brightness. It is best to buy light bulbs which have a glass cover.

LEDs are also sensitive to heat both emitted and ambient. If your LED light bulbs have a heat sink, it is more likely that it will last even longer, since much of the heat emitted is led off. Many of the LED bulbs are not dimmable at the moment. If you have dimmer switches on, it is best not to use non-dimmable LEDs with them. Dimmable LED salso might work only with traditional dimmers. Depending on the make of the light bulb, cheaper dimmable lights usually work with non-electronic TRIAC dimmers only. LED lights coming with well-known brands like Toshiba usually work with all existing dimmers. A safety issue with LEDs is that they are avery bright source of light, so at all times avoid looking into them directly to protect your eyes.
Since LED light bulbs have plenty of advantages and result in huge savings eventually, even changing a couple of your light bulbs makes a difference in your home and lighting bill. 

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