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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 Report II: Exhibition Space Increase Marked LED Market’s Climbing Maturity(by LEDinside)

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 commenced on June 9-12, 2012 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. The exhibition consisted of not only Chinese companies such as Mulinsen, ChangFang, Honglitronic, and Refond Optoelectronics as well as global big names such as Philips, Osram, GE, Panasonic, Toshiba. Taiwanese LED companies gathered at Arena B – 10.2 and 11.2 while international top-tier firms showcased at Arena A – 3.1 and 4.1. Displays and TVs were exhibited at Arena B - 12.1 and 13.1.

According to LEDinside, the amount of participating companies of Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2012 decreased from 2011’s 2900 to 2012’s 2600. However, the exhibition space this year hit a record high. According to the organizer, the exhibition space increased, so did the average space of booth. Booths of small space were fewer than last year, and big booths became the norm.

According to LEDinside’s observation, the booth space was not the only change in this year’s exhibition – every firm had a particular focus. Traditional lighting was no longer under the spotlight, with related exhibitions taking up merely two small arenas. On the other hand, LED lighting gorged most exhibition space.

Mr. Ming-feng Lin, CEO of Unilumin, indicated that a lot of international clients chose to find business partners at LIGHT+BUILDING 2012, which was held in April, because it was closer to them. Lin stressed that the most pressing issue currently facing the LED lighting industry is not products but channels, which is the reason why it has become harder and harder to acquire overseas accounts.

LEDinside found that the more popular LED products remained LED T8 tube, LED ceiling light, and LED down light. Several firms noted that the policies by Guangdong Province to popularize LED public lighting in the next 3 years usher in new prospects for the LED lighting industry. According to LEDinside’s study, LED light bulbs saw the most drastic development among all the LED products over the past few years. Industry experts believe that as the LED price keeps on sliding, LED light bulb will become the hottest LED product following the retirement of incandescent light bulb from the market by October 1.

Perspective from LEDinside

LEDinside believes the little amount of attention traditional lighting received at the Guangdong International Lighting Exhibition 2012 marked the beginning of LED’s wide adoption. As LED technology’s ongoing improvement, the dipping cost and the increasing market acceptance, it may not be long before LED popularity sees a sharp surge.

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