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How to Choose an Appropriate Lamp

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Along with the improvement of the living standard,awareness of environmental protection and energy saving,LED was favored.LED lighting possesses functions like benefiting body and mind health, and follows the trend of environmental protection and energy-saving.As a choice for your house LED spot light and LED down light are all not bad.

       For general mental workers a silent environment is needed for studying, drafting and thinking;general old people prefers a plain and silent environment. To facilitate them to get up at night, an altar lamp which burns day and night is needed;for people at their middle ages,neat and simplicity may be a best choice.How about desk lamp with arm coming back or floor lamp?Young people prefer fresh,rare,special styles.So the king light shall express their personality and brightly colored.It will be amazing if it has some originality.Oh!Last comes the kids,unending changes and fancy can benefit their imagination and intelligent exploitation. Care about luminance and security.

       Different lamp can meet your needs on light quality, optical hygiene etc.They can also express different styles and adjust indoor environment and put a good face on weak design or anything. Be remembered, general coordination is important.

       In hall, lobby, passageway or living room,small-sized spherical lamp,oblate and square ceiling-mounted luminaire can be your choice and make sure their sizes are fitting for the space. Sometimes there can be spotlight up in the entrance place. Lamps for hall, passageway and other rooms shall have different importance on primary and secondary.

       Drawing room can be divided into two kinds: large-scale drawing room and drawing room for household. For large-scale drawing room, we recommend mixed-up decoration and general illumination together with local illumination for household drawing room. Such as wall lamp, spot lamp and flush light lamp can be used as local illumination, ceiling lamp and ceiling-mounted luminaire can used as general illumination.

       The main function of bedroom is rest, not just sleeping. Many families also make up and store clothes in it. Lamplight shall be mild and graceful. Diffusion may be optimal.

       The color of the lamp is most important for dining room. Any improper color may change the color of dishes. Warm color is widespread and avoid cold one.

       Direct illumination or vertical illumination is perfect for reading room. Radiating from your left hand and in front of you are both OK. You can select a desk lamp with arm coming back or with a switch to adjust light

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