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Principal of Energy Saving Lamps

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Energy saving lamps generate their light on the same principle as fluorescent lamps. An electrical charge is passed through mercury vapour between two electrodes. This electrical field causes the vapour to emit invisible UV radiation. Fluorescent material applied to the inside of the glass tube converts the UV radiation into visible light. Different fluorescent materials give the light different colour appearances.

By giving the lamps more than one tube and bending each tube back on itself, lamp designers have managed to reduce the overall length of energy saving lamps. They are now not much bigger than ordinary light bulbs.

The compact fluorescent bulb with its integrated electronic control gear and standard screw base can be used as direct replacements for incandescent lamps. They consume 80% less energy and, if used for an average of three hours a day (normal domestic use), will last around 8000 hrs.

The lamps provide you with a lot more light wherever you need it. The amount of light you can get from a conventional bulb is restricted by its wattage - a restriction that doesnt apply with the ESL(energy saving lamp). Because they generate a lot less heat than conventional bulbs, you never need to worry about keeping within the recommended wattage rating again.

Take the example of a light fitting that has a 60 W restriction. Fit a 23 ESL and you ll get a light output that is equivalent to a 120 W incandescent.This means you can get twice the brightness - without having to add another lamp.

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